August 30, 2018 Off By admin

This is my campaign blog, where I’ll be writing commentary and keeping you up-to-date on my campaign. My goal is to update this blog with new posts several times a week, more frequently as the election draws closer.

I’ll be using this blog to tell you more about myself, to explain the issues, and to describe why it’s necessary to have a hard-working Clerk working for you at the County.

In addition to updates, this blog is where I’ll be posting my campaign videos. You can find them on YouTube at my channel’s address, https://youtube.com/dangookin That’s also my work channel, so you can view my fun videos on using Microsoft Word.

If you have a question regarding my campaign or this blog, please send me an email at dan@gookin.com. I promise to respond to all messages, especially to questions about my campaign.

You can visit my personal Facebook page at facebook.com/dan.gookin. During the campaign, I limit my political dialog on Facebook, but I will address concerns raised from Facebook on this blog.

Thanks for stopping by!