Campaign Update Week 8

September 10, 2018 Off By admin

We’re 8 weeks out from Tuesday, November 6, election day 2018. Here’s what’s going on with my campaign.

I’ve been busy!

A lot of material must be generated to run an effective, serious campaign. All the more so because the public has been trained by the media to accept that only Republicans and Democrats are valid candidates for office. This sentiment is entirely false, but it means that I must work harder. I’m definitely up to the task.

I’ve been working on my campaign material, design, and strategies. A lot of stuff is planned and the effort put into the campaign by myself and some very enthusiastic supporters won’t be evident for a few weeks.

Though I created it a while back, today I launched the campaign’s Facebook page. If you haven’t yet done so, please Like the page and ensure that you get updates.

And the videos are coming! I’ve been in production mode for several campaign videos. Many are ready to upload and more are in the chute. You can check them out directly at my YouTube channel.

That’s the Monday Update for September 10. Thanks for visiting my campaign website.