Endorsement – Firefighters Local 710

September 13, 2018 Off By admin

I received a call on the morning of September 12 that made my day. The City’s firefighters have endorsed my candidacy for Kootenai County Clerk. This is such excellent news!

Allow me some words to brag. Our firefighters constantly impress me. These guys go out of their way to demonstrated professionalism when serving the citizens of Coeur d’Alene. I’ve heard of them returning to someone’s home and repairing a bad walkway – on their own time – just because they noticed how unstable it was when they picked up someone to take them to the hospital. That shows a dedication to the public far beyond what they’re paid to do.

When I first joined Council, I met with Chief Gabriel to find out what our fist responders needed to help them do their job. I can recall three things.

First, they wanted to expand the workers compensation laws in Idaho to cover those special illnesses that firemen receive while on the job. It took a while, but with the help of former Senator John Goedde and legislator Luke Malek, the law was passed.

Second, high rise buildings are required to have a fire closet, but not to equip the closet. To me, such equipment should be mandatory. I think the residents in the top floors would appreciate our firemen having their tools onsite, which would expedite fire fighting and rescues. I was happy to see a full-equipped fire closet added to our building code.

Third, I supported the recent levy to purchase new firetrucks. We obtained 4 new vehicles for the fleet, state-of-the art technology, that should last for years. This levy was passed overwhelmingly, by 85 percent of City voters. The good news: It reduced your property taxes by being less than the levy it replaced.

Finally, I fully supported adding 9 new firefighters and the construction of Fire Station #4. The City de-annexed a chunk of urban renewal to help pay for the firefighters, which netted no tax increase.

Having the support of our firefighters means a great deal to me. I sincerely thank them and look forward to serving them and all of Kootenai County when I’m elected your next Clerk.