Mailers Going Out!

September 20, 2018 Off By admin

After much toil, I’ve created my first “push piece,” which contains information about myself as well as two absentee ballot applications. It should wend its way to a mailbox near you soon.

Please use the applications sign up and enjoy the convenience of mail-in voting. But do be mindful that you must mail in the ballot application before October 26. And when you receive your absentee ballot, be certain that you mail it in well before November 6, election day. Ballots received after election day are not counted!

Hopefully, when I get into office, I can work to change the requirement that you must re-apply for an absentee ballot every year. Why not make it four years, like a driver’s license? Why not allow people to apply for an absentee ballot when they get their driver’s license! So much can be approved, but only when you elect a logical, dedicated person to the Clerk’s office. It’s my hope to be that person.