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As your City Councilman, I have not sit by idly while the character and charm of Coeur d'Alene is destroyed in favor of high-density development. My priority is protect and preserve established neighborhoods, which is my record on City Council. (View the video.)

The 2007 Comprehensive Plan speaks directly to the historic nature of the heart of town. Still, uncontrolled growth doesn't threaten only downtown: North of the freeway I get feedback from residents who don't like the cramped apartment complexes and poorly-designed, high-density development. Growth affects our entire city.

To be clear: I'm not anti-growth. We must accommodate growth and high-density and do so intelligently while embracing three issues:

  1. Transportation
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Preserving and protecting established neighborhoods

Transportation. Growth is most evident when you sit in traffic. This effect isn't due to poor planning. As a member of the Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization (KMPO), I'm on the board that oversees transportation planning in the County. The problem is funding, not planning. The solution is legislative: The gas tax must be increased so that transportation plans on the books can be funded.

Infrastructure. You can't put high-density development anywhere. The impact of new cars on city streets and new dwellings requiring sewer and water must be considered. During my time on Council, I've seen many high-density projects approved but without adequate infrastructure. Some have been denied based on my logical pleas (Video), while others sail through (Video).

Preserving and protecting established neighborhoods. This issue is my passion. I moved to Coeur d'Alene because of its charm. Yet I see too many people in town eager to chip away at the very thing I believe makes our town great. My track record on Council is defending these neighborhoods, where the residents aren't well-connected insiders.

With your vote on November 5th, I will continue to oppose high density housing that destroys our City's charm and character. As your City Councilman, I offer logical alternatives and insist upon good planning so that we may accommodate growth while retaining the charm and character of the city we love.

Please vote for Dan Gookin, Seat 3, November 5th.

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